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Electrical safety in the bedroom, Top tips for electrical safety in the bedroom, C Squared Electrical

The average person spends a third of their life sleeping, so it makes sense to  ensure your bedroom is not just a relaxing sanctuary, but a safe one too. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for electrical safety in the bedroom.

Not charging any electrical devices, this includes phones and tablets, on your bed or under your pillow overnight or while you sleep. This is because they could overheat and cause a fire. If possible, avoid charging your devices unattended or overnight, and when necessary only charge them on a hard surface such as a bedside table or wooden floor.

While you may already have a smoke alarm on the ground floor of your house, we urge you to have one fitted throughout each different level of your house. This means that if a fire was to start upstairs, you would know about it sooner and it will give you a better chance to get out safely and call 999 for help.

Electric blankets or portable heaters are common sources of fires within the bedroom. Make sure you replace your electric blanket or portable heater if you see any signs of wear and tear. Keeping your portable heater away from flammable materials like papers, curtains, and furniture. Additionally, never cover the portable heater with clothes.

We know it can seem necessary to use an extension lead in the bedroom to deal with the lack of outlets, however you must make sure that you aren’t overloading these leads or your wall sockets. Visit to check that your sockets are safe.

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