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Go green with these everyday ways to save energy

Little changes can make a big impact, especially when it comes to the environment. So here at C Squared Electrical, we’ve compiled our top 10 easy, everyday ways to help you reduce your energy consumption and cut your carbon footprint. Incorporate them into your daily routine to help save the environment and you might be pleasantly surprised by the money you save too!

Get smart

Smart thermostats make it easier than ever before to control your central heating, enabling you to manage it on the go from your smartphone. Staying late at the office? Just a few taps and you can turn off your heating at home, then switch it back on later to ensure you arrive home to a toasty warm house.

Dial it down

On the topic of heating, turning down the dial by just 1°C could reduce your annual fuel bill by as much as 10%. You’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference when it comes to the temperature, but you definitely will when it comes to your wallet.

Play it cool

If your laundry is starting to pile up, try holding off just a little longer; it pays to wait until you have one large load, as opposed to doing lots of little loads. Plus, switch from a 60°C to a 30°C washing cycle and you could save over a third of the energy. Afterall, most washing powders work just as well at a lower temperature, so no need to worry about your whites being anything less than dazzling.

Ditch the dryer

Sticking with the theme, you can’t beat the smell of freshly washed clothes that have been hung outside to dry on a washing line, and it’s a much more economical way to dry your clothes than a tumble dryer – it’s completely free! However, if you’re in a hurry and you absolutely must use a tumble dryer, use a fast spin to remove more of the water.

The biggest turn offs

Electrical appliances in ‘standby’ mode account for 5% of our total domestic energy consumption. TVs, desktop computers and phone chargers are the top culprits for sapping energy when they’re not in use, so make an effort to turn off and unplug when you’re not using them.

Lightbulb moment

Not only do modern, energy-efficient lightbulbs use just a quarter of the electricity, they can last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescents. And you probably won’t be able to tell the difference; an energy-saving light bulb produces the same amount of light at 13-18W as the traditional 60W bulb. Make the change and you could save up to £60 over the lifetime of the light bulb. And remember, you’ll save even more money if you remember to switch off the light when you leave a room.

Time for tea?

We’re known for being a nation of tea drinkers, in fact we consume 165 million cups every day here in the UK. Of course, we’re not suggesting you cut it out altogether – where would we be without our morning cuppa?! But before you pop the kettle on, make sure you fill it with just the amount of water you need – anymore than that and you’ll be boiling away the pennies.

Wash wisely

Dishwashers are notoriously big energy guzzlers, so where possible, opt to wash as many dishes by hand. If you really can’t face that pile of dirty dishes, make sure you only use your dishwasher to clean a full load, as a half load will use just as much energy. Another top tip is to stop the cycle when it gets to the drying stage, open it up, and let the dishes dry naturally.

Food for thought

On the market for a new fridge freezer? Look out for the energy efficient rating label and ideally choose an A+++ rated model. It’ll be running 24/7, 365 days a year, so the savings will soon add up.

Recycle at the retailers

Got a kettle that’s kaput? A vacuum cleaner that’s gone to hoover heaven? Don’t just chuck it in the bin – almost all electrical items with a plug or a battery can be recycled. Take it along to your local recycling centre, or alternatively drop it off at a retailer when you purchase a new one. Under the terms of the WEEE directive, all retailers must provide a way for customers to dispose of their old household electrical and electronic equipment when they sell them a new version of the same item. It couldn’t be easier.

Got any other top energy-saving tips? Join the conversation over on our social media channels and we’ll share your best suggestions.

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